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  • Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling

    Company Profile

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        Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd. (a stock corporation) is established on the basis of the restructuring of Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd., and listed on the National Equities Exchange and Quotation (stock short name: Taili Tooling, stock code: 832078) in September 2014; it is a subsidiary of Yantai Taili Group Co., Ltd.; it is located in high-tech industrial development zone of Yantai, the beautiful and rich Shandong Peninsula. With the registered capital of 33 million yuan and asset size of 200 million yuan, it covers an area of 40,000 square meters and construction area of 26,000 square meters, and has more than 240 employees. Taili has invested two subsidiaries, namely, Qingdao Taili Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Yantai Taili Mechanical Technology Research Institute. Adhering to the technological and talent advantages of the original Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institution, Taili becomes a high-tech enterprise developing in multiple fields including the automobile body rapid trail manufacturing, automobile covering panel die development and manufacturing, automobile stamping and welding part manufacturing and automobile die 3D printing flexible manufacturing technology and equipment and other high-end intelligent equipment technology research, development and manufacturing.

        Taili focuses on technological innovation, and is always committed to the research and development of automobile die &mold manufacturing and automobile body rapid trial manufacturing. In recent years, the company has undertaken over 20 national, provincial and municipal scientific research and technological upgrading projects successively including the major self-dependent innovation project of Shandong Province – “Automobile Die 3D Printing Flexible Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Research and Development”; has obtained 12 industry-related patents; and takes the lead in automobile body rapid trial manufacturing technology in China. Taili has excellent technical research & development teams and advanced software & hardware resources, fully realizes the three-dimensional physical design, and builds the information network platform which helps the full implementation of pictures-free die & mould manufacturing. By virtue of first-class technology and service, Taili wins the trust of customers. With customers covering most domestic automobile manufacturers, Taili becomes the first-class supporting supplier of stamping and welding parts for FAW Group, FAW Jiefang Qingdao Automobile, Dongfeng Group, HawTai Motor, and becomes the supporting supplier of automobile body rapid trial manufacturing for SAIC Group. Taili has passed TS16949 quality management system certification.

        With the combination of administration, industry, university and research, Taili built the modern manufacturing industry innovative service platform facing the development of automobile industry – “Jiaodong Automotive Technology Modern Service Platform” jointly with Advanced Manufacture Technology Center of China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, CIMS Engineering and Technological Research Center of Tsinghua University, Yantai Productivity Promotion Center, and Yantai High-tech Zone Technological Innovation Service Center, and implements the systematic research, development and integration around the automobile lightweight, energy saving and emission reduction, rapid manufacturing, virtual realization and other aspects to form new innovative achievements, serving the automobile industry.

        Taili provides products with high quality, high technological content and high satisfaction to customers, and shoulders the social responsibility to promote the development of automobile industry.

    Development History


    1. March 1993 –Established Experiment Plant of Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institute

    May 1996 – Reformed to Tooling Factory of Yantai Mechanical Technology Research Institute

    June 1997 - Reformed to Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Plant

    August 2000 – Restructured to Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd.

    September 2014 – Restructured to Yantai Taili Automobile Tooling Co., Ltd. (a stock corporation)


     February 2012 – Invested and founded Yantai Taili Mechanical Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.


    May 2013 - Invested and founded Qingdao Taili Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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